mommyheads in ghetto blaster

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Ghetto Blaster offers you a little info on The Mommyheads’ forthcoming CD Vulnerable Boy and gives you a taste of “Science and Reason” here.

“science and reason” at faronheit

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Haven’t gotten the new Mommyheads single yet?

Well, you can download it free over at Faronheit.  Go get it here.

“science and reason” at largehearted boy

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The excellent blog Largehearted Boy is offering a free download of “Science and Reason” by The Mommyheads today here.

movement magazine covers the mommyheads.

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Movement Magazine provided some details on The Mommyheads’ forthcoming CD Vulnerable Boy today, linking back to yesterday’s premiere of “Science and Reason” over at URB Magazine.  

Of note is URB’s quote “The soothing indie rock melody of ‘Science and Reason’ is emblematic of The Mommyheads’ expansive trajectory over 20+ years and eight albums of existence.”

Movement also provided a track listing and some background on the band.

Check it here.

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The great food/rock blog Write Click Cook Listen has dug into The 65’s, posting the new single “Greatest Pretense” along with a recipe for deconstructed hummus.

The 65’s are most certainly carnivores.  But hummus is still cool.

Read it here, and get a free MP3 of the song.

dagger zine reviews tunnel trees

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ImageThe ultra-cool Tim Hinely of Dagger Zine has offered a lovely review of Cuppa Joe‘s Tunnel Trees this week.

“Always glad to see bands like this return for the sheer love of music, and a bonus is that they can still write good pop songs.”  Indeed, they can.

Check out the review in its entirety here.

free guy capecelatro iii download at largehearted boy

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Today’s Daily Downloads include Guy Capecelatro III’s “Switch” – go get it.

mad mackerel writes about “switch”

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Mad Mackerel has been awfully kind to Guy Capecelatro III.

Technically, they’ve been awfully kind to you, too.  They’ve given away free download copies of “Like Anything” and “Girlfriends,” the first two singles from Guy’s gorgeous CD North for the Winter.

Today, they’re giving away a copy of the album’s third single, “Switch,” the tale of a serial killer and the woman who “proves to be his undoing.”

Get it here, for free.  And check out Mad Mackerel in general – it’s a pretty cool site.

By the way – “Switch” is also available as a download-only single, along with a non-LP B-side, “Splinters,” from iTunes, eMusic,, and most other fine indie e-tailers.

five for free.

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Guy Capecelatro III - North for the WinterThe UK blog Sound of Confusion gave away a copy of “Girlfriends,” by Guy Capecelatro III, this weekend.

With a comparison of Neil Young fronting Mercury Rev.

Not bad.  Check it.

green light go talks travel with guy capecelatro iii

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Guy Capecelatro III - North for the WinterOur friends at Green Light Go publicity were so intrigued by Guy Capecelatro III‘s stories of traversing the country, taking in all the purple mountains and fruited plains had to offer, that they decided to post a brief interview with him.

Guy points to the Bay Area as a favorite, discusses his favorite pastimes while on tour, lists out his favorite music to listen to while traveling, and tells interviewer Kevin Kieninger all about the beauty of the road.

Read the entire interview here.