What Is Dromedary Records?

dromedary-blue4dromedary records was a small label based in New Jersey that released eight titles and hosted dozens of shows in the New York/New Jersey area between 1993 and 2000.  Specializing in indie pop with a punk ethic, dromedary was a cool little company that tried new things, had big ideas, and ultimately crashed and burned like so many other micro indies of the time.

Dromedary released music from The Mommyheads, Footstone, Godspeed, cuppa joe, and Melting Hopefuls, distributed music from many other labels via mailorder, and at the time the label was put on hiatus, had plans to work with literally dozens of indie bands from around the country.  But alas, all good things must come to an end.

This site was initially intended to document the stories and experiences of running an indie label, and ultimately to keep the embers glowing so that the people we knew, and the bands we loved, know that we haven’t forgotten about them.  During the course of writing the story, however, our old friends came together, and we made the decision to revive the label.

With a brand-new look, feel and attitude, Dromedary has reconnected with its friends from the advent of the indie rock movement, and plans an aggressive release schedule for 2010 and beyond. The schedule contains both long out-of-print or never released recordings from great indie bands of yesteryear, as well as brand new classics from some of the most promising, guitar-based indie rock bands of today.

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