Song #61: Savak – “The Point of the Point”

October 24, 2020
Song #61: Savak – “The Point of the Point”

Here come the leeches and the creeps
So let’s dumb it down, let’s dumb it down, let’s dumb it down
Here come the toadies and the hangers-on
So let’s dumb it down, let’s dumb it down, let’s dumb it down

Today is the first day you can begin voting in New York. There are ten days ’til the election.

Sometimes, I reach out to a band I really like, whose members I tangentially know, and make an introduction. Maybe it’s because I’d like them to be on my radio show, or maybe it’s because we have a lot of friends in common and thus wind up commenting on the same social media threads a lot so it seems silly that we don’t actually know one another. And occasionally it’s because I’d like to put out their record.

I cannot remember which of those three things drew me to Sohrab of Savak. Our circles crashed together somehow in 2016, perhaps a result of their excellent debut LP Best of Luck in Future Endeavors on Jon Solomon’s Comedy Minus One label (a favorite label of mine, from which I routinely buy just about every release), perhaps a result of their brilliant single “Keys To The City,” which appeared on the Unblinking Ear Office Supplies series, as I was a regular listener to Paul Bruno’s Unblinking Ear podcast. Perhaps it was a result of my friend Greg Vegas playing saxophone with the band.

Regardless, I found the band in 2016 and, at the beginning of 2017, met the band in person when they played a WFDU benefit show I organized that featured Greg’s original band Monsterland, who played their first show in 20+ years. The following year, Sohrab helped me to organize a benefit for Justice Democrats to raise funds for the Congressional campaigns of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jess King, where Savak played with Sunwatchers and Spectre Folk.

In the case of Savak, Sohrab was super friendly and nice, which is probably why he knows so many people and is universally liked. Regardless, when I asked him if the band might be interested in doing a 7″, he responded quickly and soon I had four songs from which to choose. Each was excellent, and it was a tough choice.

Thankfully, you can get the other two songs on the band’s 7″ at this link.

And of course, you can get “The Point of the Point” and “Checked Out” from us, in digital or lathe-cut 8″ – that’s right, 8″.

~ by Al on October 24, 2020.

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