Song #53: The Mommyheads – “Hello, Friends”

October 15, 2020
Song #53: The Mommyheads – “Hello, Friends”

Initially, more than 50 days ago, I realized two things:

  1. As we headed into the last three months of the election campaign, and simultaneously headed into the fall and an inevitable Covid lockdown, the news was going to get more frustrating and tense every day.
  2. If I didn’t fill up my days with stuff to do, the stress and constant doomscrolling was going to cause me to lose my mind.

So I figured I could write a little piece about a different Dromedary song every day, or about some observation or anecdote or whatever, and then hype that song, and donate the cash to some progressive or local cause. I’d spend the last month or so focusing on one political organization that had its hand in flipping not only the White House, but the important Senate races as well.

It’s been met with varying degrees of success, and its kept me busy.

Another thing that’s kept me a little busy is the letter-writing campaign organized by Swing Left, called “Vote Forward.” Vote Forward is a pretty awesome idea, essentially targeting unlikely voters in 12 key states. According to multiple randomized trials, voters who receive a letter are significantly more likely to vote. Swing Left has organized a campaign with a goal of sending 15 million letters out on October 17, to a variety of groups (unlikely voters who lean left, for instance), and are asking volunteers to print out and write a simple letter, and then pop them in the mail on the 17th.

I figure we each only get one vote, but if I send out 100 letters and one person is convinced to vote, then that’s as good as two votes. If they hit their goal of sending out 15 million letters, and every hundred letters convinces one person to vote, that’s 150,000 votes. The 2016 election was decided by 80,000 votes in three states.

I phone banked for Obama, and hated it. I suck at randomly calling people, not having any idea what their pet issues are, and trying to sell them on a candidate. I just don’t think on my feet that well, when it comes to subjects like politics, which are so deep and intense and complex. For similar reasons, I don’t like the idea of door-knocking.

Two years ago I hosted a couple of benefit concerts to raise money for the congressional campaigns of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jess King and Justice Democrats, and I loved doing that, but thanks to Covid, benefit concerts aren’t really a thing right now.

Writing letters, though, that’s easy, and right in my wheelhouse. Last night while I was watching the Spinal Tap reunion online (and contributing to Pennsylvania Democrats in the process), I banged out 20 letters. Tonight while I’m watching Joe Biden’s town hall, I’ll do another 20. And on the 17th, I will mail a stack of letters to people in Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Iowa, encouraging them to vote.

Votefwd letters, ready to go in the mail on the 17th

No story today. I’m just trying to tell you how easy it is. You can sign up right now, at – it takes them about 12 hours to confirm you’re not a bot, and then you can “adopt” 20 names from one of their mailing campaigns. All you need is a printer, envelopes, stamps, and a blue pen. You can do this in your sleep, and if your 20 letters convinces one person to go and pull the lever for the blue candidates in their state, it’s as good as a second vote – maybe even better, if you live in a state that’s already blue (as I do).

Do it today. Please. There are two more days to get this done. Don’t wake up on November 4 and say “Shit, we lost this election because of 80,000 votes in three states. I should’ve done more.”

Here’s what’s probably the most popular Mommyheads song, “Hello Friends,” from the Delicate Friction CD.

~ by Al on October 15, 2020.

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