Song #45: Shirk Circus – “.”

October 7, 2020
Song #45: Shirk Circus: “.”

In 1995, Pepsi launched the advertising slogan “Nothing else is a Pepsi.” The theme was launched at the Super Bowl, replacing the previous year’s slogan “Be Young. Have Fun. Drink Pepsi.” The theme was meant to acknowledge that there were other brands of soft drink out there, but nothing like the fizzy, sweet, stomach-eating goodness of Pepsi Cola.

As part of the thing, they put out the call to bands the world over to develop the jingle that would be associated with the new tagline, and Josh Silverman wrote and submitted one.

In 2010, when we were putting together the album that would, after his passing, become This Band Will Destroy Your Life, Josh told me in an email “Bar/None hooked us up with an advertising agency that was looking for ‘edgy’ bands to write a 60 second Pepsi jingle that had the hook line ‘nothing else is a Pepsi.’ We got $3,000 for it whether they used it or not, so I wrote a really sarcastic thing about evil corporate demons who got kids hooked on caffeine so they do their bidding. The woman at the agency loved it and thought it was hilarious but obviously it didn’t get used. So we have that as an unlisted 13th track to prevent any legal hassles from Pepsi.”

It wasn’t the first example of a Dromedary band monkeying around with an advertising jingle (Footstone mangled the Juicy Fruit gum commercial for the Lippy CD), nor would it be the last (The Mommyheads did several, from “When The Sun Breaks,” which was originally intended to be a commercial, to recording a version of “Little Boxes” that was submitted to run as the theme song to the show Weeds, to actually performing on a Time Warner Internet commercial). But it was probably the coolest example, because they got paid to write a song about how the people who paid them were evil corporate demons.

I guess it would’ve been cooler if they’d been able to work in a Suicidal Tendencies reference, but I’ll take what I can get.

Here’s the Pepsi jingle, today’s song. Download anything, and…you know the drill.

~ by Al on October 7, 2020.

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