Song 19: There Will Be Fireworks – “Foreign Thoughts”

September 10, 2020

Song 19: There Will Be Fireworks – “Foreign Thoughts”

I guess if I’m being honest with myself I can probably trace my love of both Scottish rock bands and my love of power pop back to the American television appearances of the Bay City Rollers in the 1970s. Once in a while I’d see them on a kids’ television program, and even though I thought myself way too cool to fall for any of that teenybopper pinup bullshit, I’d save my allowance money to buy copies of any magazine with Kiss on the cover and then read every article inside, thereby learning all there was to know about the Rollers (and Kristy MacNichol, Shaun Cassidy, Donny Osmond, Leif Garrett, and more).

As an adult I found myself drawn to Scottish indie rock bands, mostly because of the way many of them incorporated the dramatic flourishes of post-rock bands like Mogwai into rock songs. The Twilight Sad were great at this, as were Idlewild and We Were Promised Jetpacks (whose name was enough to make me a fan). But the band There Will Be Fireworks was my favorite. Their self-titled debut was filled with the quiet/loud dynamic of post-rock, with unique instrumentation, melodic arrangements, and a fantastic vocalist who strained to hit the most important notes in the song – voice cracking with emotion.

When we decided to release Make The Load Lighter to benefit Haitian earthquake victims in early 2010, I wrote an email to the band Lions.Chase.Tigers and received an immediate “yes” in response. This sort of emboldened me, so I wrote a similar email to There Will Be Fireworks.

I got an immediate “yes” once again. Ultimately we wound up with four bands from Scotland on that record, and wound up releasing an EP and a number of singles from a band that sprung out of the ashes of Lions.Chase.Tigers.

There Will Be Fireworks released a second EP in December of 2011 (that included the greatest Christmas song ever made), covered Vic Chesnutt’s greatest song on a compilation for mental illness awareness, and released another full-length in 2013. I asked them several times if I could release their music in the States and the answer was always “no” – but they’re good guys anyway, and rumor has it they’re actually working on a new album.

The track from Make the Load Lighter was called “Foreign Thoughts.” They gave me this track specifically for Haitian earthquake relief, so if you buy it today I’ll donate the cash to the Red Cross in Haiti – but I’ll also make a donation to Justice Democrats. Either way, just listen. It’s pretty great.

~ by Al on September 10, 2020.

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