Song #19: Guy Capecelatro III – “Like Anything”

September 9, 2020

Song #19 Guy Capecelatro III – “Like Anything”


When we put this record out in the winter of 2012, I was fascinated by this particular song, because it develops and ends so quickly. You can hear the room it was recorded in, in the ambience of the snare, which blasts above all the other instruments in many places, Guy’s voice quietly pleading in the background. A singing saw adds tension and beauty to the track. I was crazy about it then, and I’m crazy about it now.

Listen to it again.

It was one of the first songs on Dromedary, believe it or not, that I tried to decipher lyrically. Guy is a writer, he tells wonderful stories in both his lyrics and in his other writing, and he’s the kind of writer that leaves details out, using small descriptives and visuals to let you fill in the blanks yourself.

Guy Capecelatro III - North for the Winter
Guy Capecelatro III’s “North for the Winter” album

So when I listened to “Like Anything,” here’s what I heard: the protagonist is in love with someone that he lives with, in an apartment above a bar. He’s been struggling with how to tell the person. He dotes on the person, listens to everything s/he says and writes it down in his notebook. He finally decides he has to tell them, so he writes it in a note, and leaves it near them while they are sleeping. He’s terrified that s/he does not reciprocate, and will be upset to learn that the boundaries of their friendship have been crossed (“Don’t be sad with me now”). The note concludes “I’ll be in the bar a while,” and we’re left to wonder if s/he comes downstairs to join him when s/he wakes, or remains upstairs.

It was a wonderful, romantic story that Guy sang timidly, almost fearfully. I could hear it in his voice, I could hear the tentative, almost pleading way he delivers the lines “I remember everything you ever said, I wrote it down.” It was a beautiful song about that point where you lay it all on the line with someone, expressing your feelings and not knowing if those sentiments will be returned. In a lot of ways, that’s when you’re most vulnerable.

Of course I’m an idiot, and my interpretation of the lyrics was completely wrong. Here’s what the song is about:

The protagonist cheated on his significant other. He’s terrified to tell them, so while s/he is sleeping, he leaves a note, begging for forgiveness (“Don’t be sad with me now”), and then, not wanting to be there to face whatever happens when s/he wakes up, he goes downstairs to drink.

I have pretty much stopped trying to interpret song lyrics.

Anyway, buy this song for a dollar today and we will donate the cash to Swing Left. For more info about Swing Left, or to make a donation yourself, you can visit them here:

~ by Al on September 9, 2020.

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