mommyheads review at dagger ‘zine

 Our love for Dagger ‘Zine is pretty well-documented; their willingness to cover the tiniest indie releases with the same emphasis as the biggest indie labels without a second thought shows a depth of understanding and love of indie music that many of today’s mainstream indie zines clearly miss.  Interviewing The 65’s or, umm, me, alongside icons like Bob Fay, Lisa Fancher or Tara Key just shows how, in the eyes of Dagger, what’s important about music is not what label releases it or how much hype accompanies it, but how much they like it.  In the Dagger universe, music is judged by how good it is, not by how hip it is.

We strongly urge you to visit Dagger online every Sunday, and get your hands on their print editions whenever possible.

All that said, Dagger reviewer Joseph Kyle turns in his observations on The Mommyheads’ Vulnerable Boy, and the verdict is favorable.  Commenting on the band’s stylistic evolution, he says “it’s a sign of a talented band that they can pull off such a drastic, fundamental sound change and sound great.”

Check it here.

~ by Al on August 6, 2012.

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