jersey beat reviews guy capecelatro iii.

Joe Wawrzyniak also has the distinction of having written the first review of Guy Capecelatro III‘s forthcoming CD, North for the Winter.

The CD comes out in just five days, but we thought it might be nice to reproduce the review right here, to give you an idea of what the record sounds like (it’s amazing).

Here goes:

Guy Capecelatro III assembled 27 musician friends for this remarkably diverse, expansive, and ambitious musical project.  Ably mining a finely moving line in bluesy regret and melancholy, the 18 tracks contained herein are always tuneful and compelling, with Capecelatro’s slight, yet effective tenor well supported by the sturdy playing, tight no-frills arrangements, and concise songwriting.  The songs vary from terse and punchy to more lengthy and lingering.  The gradual tempos and subdued beats give the music an appealingly laid-back quality.  A lovely and divinely melodic album.

You can read the review right out of Jersey Beat here.

~ by Al on February 16, 2012.

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