long-brit magazine loves the 65’s

The 65’s have made their way across the pond.  Spanish publication Long-Brit gives Strike Hard! a glowing review (at least we think it’s a glowing review), referring to good beer and calling the band “the essence of independent spirit.”

With apologies to the beautiful Spanish language, we’ll let Google translate the whole thing for you English-speaking types and you can use your best Spanglish to fill in the blanks.  Here goes:

“It smells good beer, stale rock bar, a cozy tuburio in one of the suburbs of a big city.  Many reputable media talk about The 65’s as a classic indie rock quartet.  Why not let us because of labels and call it as we have always known?  This is rock, gentlemen, no more no less.  You have to see how much damage has been done labels and tags Rockdeluxe…

Four types of New York with clothing once anchored and true little interest in aesthetics, my attention recently by a powerful single titled Walk On Selfishly (released in late 2011).  I became interested in them and discovered Joe Vocaturo, John Steele, Cindi Merklee and Dan Smith, four guys with a long resume in tow.  Vocaturo and Steele, among others, played together in The Dark Brothers, Cindi was released in Balloon Squad back in the early 90’s and Dan stuck to power pop pop of the time in another band called Shirk Circus.  The 65’s, as we can see, there are a new band that thousands of teenagers will reach their orgasmic in a festival called IFF.  No.  They represent the muscle of a mature sound self-made, with acidic and intelligent lyrics that can connect with an audience of different generations, expressive and exciting.  They are the essence of independent spirit.

Strike Hard! is their debut album.  Long absolutely amazing in its consistency and its idyllic journey through the 80’s rock of legendary bands such as Husker Du and Moving Targets and several feints near nonventero UK punk.  Dromedary Records, the lucky label to launch the album, is aware of the rough dimond that has.  They speak well of this work: “this is a damn good album that will fill you full of chunky guitar hooks, beautiful vocal melodies and aggressive, noisy, punk-influenced rock and roll.”  It could have been better defined with fewer words.

Become and with this album!”

So, umm, to read the actual Spanish, please visit the actual review here.

And yeah, we’re damn lucky.

~ by Al on February 7, 2012.

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