I’ll tell you why running Dromedary Records is really cool.

Last Wednesday night I had a couple of drinks with the new sales rep from our retail distributor.  She was awesome, we hung out for a while at a foo-foo bar in semi-suburban New Jersey and talked shop.  I told her what we were up to, and some of our (very cool) plans for the next few months.

Then I told her that the 65s were playing at a nearby bar.  Very nearby, in fact, about five minutes away at a dive bar that clearly catered to a metal crowd more than a punk one, a punk one more than an indie rock one, and an indie rock one more than a 41-year-old guy running a micro-indie label one.

Anyway, the 65s are a band that consists of Joe and John, who used to be in the Dark Brothers (a band that featured Shirk Circus singer/guitarist Josh Silverman and contributed a track to our Make The Load Lighter: Indie Rock For Haiti compilation), and Cindi, who has played in a number of local bands.  Their music has been kicking my ass for a few months now, and I wanted to check them out live.

So we drove over to the club.

When I walked in, I immediately almost crashed into John Baumgartner from Speed the Plough.  If you’re keeping track, Speed the Plough is our newest signing (though we’ve got a bunch more we’re about to announce), a well-known NJ indie rock staple that’s one of those immensely influential bands that set the stage for all the rest of us who came after – all the labels and bands and clubs that have thrived in New Jersey are building upon a foundation created by bands like Speed the Plough, the Bongos, the Feelies, and Yo La.

I did not expect to see John; he sorta guessed I was going to be there and thought it would be trippy to show up.  We had a beer and talked for a few minutes.  Then I bumped into Brian Musikoff from Stuyvesant – Brian had made the trip from Hoboken to see the 65s as well.

As the 65s finished up their set, I saw Dan Smith from Shirk Circus.  Dan and I have been working out the details of releasing the final Shirk record, due this summer.  It was great to see him.

After a couple of minutes, I realized I was sitting in this crappy bar in the middle of nowhere with my new friend at Burnside, John from STP, Brian from Stuyvesant, Dan from Shirk Circus, and Joe and John from the Dark Brothers.  Four Dromedary bands plus the 65s, drinking beers and bullshitting about music and whatnot.

Just a couple of weeks ago  my friend Rad and I were at Webster Hall watching the Joy Formidable with Lenny and Jim from Jenifer Convertible.  After the show we went back to Hoboken and had a beer at Louise and Jerry’s with Brian from Stuyvesant.

It’s always like this.  It’s always been like this.  I am proud to be a part of it; all these people who create music and hang out together, support one another, even compete a little bit.  There is always a gang to hang out with, a group of supportive friends, and it thrills me to be back in the middle of it.  When I was sitting at the 65s show with all those people, all I could think of was Holy cow, I missed this.

It is supremely cool.

~ by Al on May 16, 2011.

One Response to “family.”

  1. Isn’t every bar in semi-suburban NJ foo-foo?

    Sounds like an awesome night. Doesn’t get any better.

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