people want to see me naked. or maybe camels. i don’t know which, but either is kinda gross.

So we’ve been “live” for a year now with the regular Dromedary site, and I thought it would be interesting to see what the most popular Google searches are that bring people to it.  And thus I looked.  And now I will share them with you.  Here’s the top 20:

1. Dromedary Records (of course).

2. Footstone band

3. Mommyheads Flying Suit

4. Stuyvesant Jihad Me At Hello

5. The Mommyheads

6. Blurt Mommyheads (clearly looking for our review in Blurt)

7. Mommyheads

8. Dromedary

9. Mommyheads Finest Specimens

10. “Make the load lighter” “Dromedary Records”

11. Cuppa Joe Nurture

12. Footstone

13. Mommyheads Sweden

14. Shirk Circus

15. The Mommyheads Vimeo (looking for all our Mommyheads videos on our Vimeo account)

16. Dromedary Records Haiti

17. Footstone Music

18. Mommyheads Tour

19. Cuppa Joe Band

20. Dromedary Mommyheads

Cool, right?

But here’s something cooler: here are some other things that people have searched for and arrived at our website:

  • People we know or knew, like Bill Dolan (singer from American Standard), Guy Paduano (original guitarist from Footstone), Brian Musikoff (bassist for Stuyvesant and FRC), Footstone Abney, Footstone Ralph, Jeff Palmer (Mommyheads bassist), Science Geek Doug Larkin, and Tim Hinely Blurt.
  • Weird “To Do” or “How To” sort of stuff, like Buying a Flying Suit
  • Mad-G.
  • Various misspellings of my name.
  • Miscellaneous variations of phrases having to do with coffee or cuppa joe.
  • Various misspellings of the word Dromedary (dramadary, dramadery, droemdary, dromadary, dromidary, etc.)
  • “Dromedary Drink,” of which there actually is one, invented by my good friend and cocktail genius Tom
  • Weird sentences, like “announce the forthcoming issue,” “how to announce swedish,”  “load and store difference,” “When to pay for footstone ny,”
  • “Dromedary naked.”  Really.  I don’t want to know.  But if it had to do with me, I must have been drunk.

Merry Christmas, if you do that sort of thing.  Ridiculously cool shit on deck.  Stay tuned.

~ by Al on December 21, 2010.

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