one week in.

Well, here we are: one week into what I’ve been calling Dromedary v2.0.

It’s been a pisser of a week.

And, like I promised, I’m going to keep you up to date on the personal side of running the label right here on the “old” blog, fill you in on inside info as it happens, and, to the extent that they’ll be intertwined sometimes, update you on any special news.

So here we go.

Sunday night I got an email from Jim Santo, our new/old friend and designer of the Dromedary website.  It simply said “The website is live.”

I scooted over and looked at it. For a good, long while.  Obviously I knew what it was going to look like, and to an extent, even worked on some of it myself.  But still, it was live, which meant that Dromedary was real again (although I no longer have CDs in my living room).

Two days before Dromedary re-launched, I broke my leg.  Skiing.  Or, at least, trying to ski.  It hurt like hell, my right fibula, snapped just above the ankle.  Comparatively small bone, comparatively big pain.

So when the site launched, I was actually lying in bed, just staring at the laptop, because I had nothing else to do.  So I sent an email to a few friends, and then went to sleep.

Monday the 4th, we hit the ground running, and the traffic started rolling in.  We gave away more copies of the Footstone Wobbles From Side To Side EP on Monday than we probably sold in the first month of its initial release in 1994 – not a ton, but certainly a lot by our standards.  And on Tuesday the 5th, our relaunch was the lead news item on the Sonic Scoop website, which was unbelievably cool – our first piece of press (besides the awesome nod that Heeb Magazine gave to Schmeckle City Rubdown last month).

Wednesday I received the master CD of the brand-new version of cuppa joe’s nurture CD.  I’ll announce that in the next week or so on the website, but we’ve rekindled everything with the band, and we’ll be releasing nurture in March as a download-only thing.  But it’ll be a new version of the CD, with a new mix of “sitting limit” and a handful of previously unreleased tracks.

I’m not sure if the band wants me to use capital letters or not, so I’m sticking with the old way until I receive further instruction.  🙂

Sunday night our old friend Jim Testa of Jersey Beat was kind enough to upload an interview he did with me on the return of Dromedary.  It was a very cool interview, and I pointed out to Jim that he was the first journalist to interview me when we launched Dromedary in 1992, and now he’s the first journalist to interview me about the relaunch here in 2009.  We’ll always be thankful to Jim for all his support.  You can read his interview right here.  Jim called me a “nineties Jersey scene stalwart.”

And today we were in the news section of Blurt Online, probably the most fantastic article anyone has ever written about me or Dromedary, just about the most flattering thing anywhere.  You can tell I’m not accustomed to this stuff.  Here’s the article, in which I’m described as a “northeast-based music fanatic,” which is probably closer to what I am than “stalwart.”  “Stalwart” implies some sort of stature, I think, whereas “fanatic” implies a degree of irrationality and psychosis that I most definitely possess.  The article quotes liberally from this very blog, which I think is totally cool.

So I’m hobbling around for the next six weeks (minimum), trying to spend enough time at the office to get things done, imposing on everyone around me, getting used to all these little inconveniences, and coping with the fact that any sort of athletic activity needs to be put on hiatus for a while.

We all know how good I am when I put things on hiatus.

~ by Al on January 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “one week in.”

  1. Wow, I am a certified snowboard instructor NM if you want lessons on how to snowboard, come on out. I dont teach leg breaking lessons! LMAO

  2. Lower case is so pre-millenial. Cap this poppa and make us Cuppa Joe, bro. I’m going to learn from your example and stick to Wii skiing for now. Best wishes on no swelling and less pain.

  3. “Cap this poppa”?

  4. It made me laugh when I wrote that. Cap for Capitalize. Should I have said “put a Cap in that sucka?”

  5. I understood it – I felt like I was witnessing the coining of a new term.

    I like the original “poppa” phrase better. It was almost like an anagram:

    “cap this poppa”

    ..could become…

    “cuppa pap shit”

    …if only one letter were different.

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