we’re back.

Really, how could I not do this?

The first entry in this blog was posted on January 3, 2009.  Since then, a ton has happened – rekindling with old friends, building relationships with new ones, and rediscovering our passion for indie rock.

In June, I started to realize that people were really interested in the blog.  And so I began thinking it might be a good idea to turn into a book, perhaps with an accompanying CD.  I reached out to Rich Masio, who’s opinions I truly respect, and asked him if he thought it was a good idea.

Rich responded by telling me that it was almost 2010 – a book was not the way to go.  I should consider putting Dromedary online, and distributing the music electronically.

At the Footstone reunion at my party in September, it really began to crystallize.  We’d seen the release of the book Our Noise, chronicling the rise of the great Merge Records label.  We’d seen fantastic new records by Sonic Youth, Superchunk, Dinosaur Jr., Polvo, and a few other guitar-based indie bands that were popular in the mid-90s.

And so I finally decided to get back on the horse.  When I began this blog, re-starting Dromedary was the furthest thing from my mind.  I was looking for closure.  But some doors, they just won’t stay closed.

A lot of our music will be available online only – courtesy of the leading online retailers like iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, and more.  And we’ll be releasing music throughout 2010.

You can find us online at the new Dromedary Records website.  Our first release will be a digital reissue of the Footstone Wobbles From Side To Side seven-inch, which features their 1993 live staples “Mountain Man” and “Belly” (which features backing vocals from Bill of American Standard).  We’ve also included the definitive mix of “Airbag,” the 1993 song that was remixed 16 times but was, unfortunately, never released.

If you visit our website and sign up for our email list, you can have this three-song EP for FREE. Just go and get it.  It sounds great in beautiful 256 kbps MP3 format, remastered by Mark Abney, the bassist for Footstone and AmStand.

Then, if you keep coming back, you’ll see that on February 2, we’ll be releasing Footstone’s Lippy CD online – you’ll be able to buy it from our online store, or from any of the leading internet music retailers.  It sounds even better today than it did in 1995.

The Lippy re-release will be in conjunction with a Footstone reunion show – their first public performance since disbanding in 1999/2000 – at Maxwell’s.  The Maxwell’s show will be on Saturday, February 6, and they’ll be supported by a reunited Friends, Romans, Countrymen, and also by Josh from Shirk Circus’ band, The Dark Brothers.

Please come.

And please keep coming back to the Dromedary website.  We’ve got scads of new and old music that we’ll be releasing throughout 2010, including some unbelievably exciting things that we can’t wait to spring on you.

We’ll always be small.  But we’ll always be good, and we’ll always be your best friend.

As for this blog?  I’ll keep it going, using it to tell the story of how Dromedary continues to evolve, and to relate the new trials and tribulations that we’re sure to go through.  The blog will always be here, in hopes that new friends will discover our old story.  And in hopes that our existing friends will keep reading new chapters as we move forward.

There is, of course, a more formal press release about this.  But I’m not going to put it here.  This blog is for friends.  It’s not for press releases.

If you’re reading the blog on the Facebook page, you’ll have to start visiting here, on teh interwebs, to get the fun stuff – we’ll begin updating the blog with “real” Dromedary news.  But we’ll also always be here on WordPress, telling the personal side of the story.

If you can’t get enough of my yammering, you can sign up for our email list, become a fan of our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, friend us on MySpace, view our videos on YouTube, or hang out with us as we learn to use LastFM.

I promised a few days ago that I’d post the conclusion of Jim Santo’s Jenifer Convertible Epilogue.  Here’s how it read:

And, needless to say, we’ve reconnected with Al and are earnestly discussing plans to release Jenifer Convertible music — old and maybe even new — on a revived Dromedary Records.

Will we get the chance to rewrite history? Stay tuned.

Stay tuned, indeed.  Hopefully we’ll have lots more to tell you.

Thank you so much for following us so far.  I hope you enjoyed the story – and that you continue to follow along as we write new ones.

~ by Al on January 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “we’re back.”

  1. Al, hit me up w/yr email plz.

  2. […] resurrect the label, with mostly downloads as opposed to physical product (for the post about that, read this).  He’s currently offering a free EP download from the great Jersey band Footstone.  But […]

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