Note:  This entry should have come before the one entitled “cope.”  I thought I had posted it, but I was having trouble with the internet connection over the weekend and it mustn’t have been posted.

And on March 21, 2000 we gave birth to our third: Jonathan Michael.

The name Jonathan is one that we both loved, and we decided that we were going to name him Jonathan but not use any of the shortened forms of his name, like Jon or Johnny.  If we were going to shorten his name, we’d just shorten it to one letter and call him J.

The name Michael was after Rich.  I couldn’t bear naming him Richard because I couldn’t willingly subject him to a lifetime of dick jokes.  So we went for Rich’s middle name.

He was the cutest little guy, snuggly as a teddy bear from Day 1.  And suddenly we had this whole family – house, three kids, a cat and a dog.  Everyone was content.

~ by Al on December 7, 2009.

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