the space-time continuum.


After nearly a year of careful note-taking and fact-checking, I just made one colossal fuck-up in the timeline of this story.

The last post, about Rich’s wedding, is completely out of order with the timeline.  That’s what happens when you write blog entries on Thanksgiving, I guess.

The previous entry says that Rich got married in 1997.  That’s not true.  He got married in 1999.  I thought it was 1997 because Sandy was pregnant when he got married.

It’s not really super-important to the storyline, I guess, but it’s still a pretty big mistake in the grand scheme of this story, because the entry really should have come a day or two from now, when we’re in 1999.

So the next entry I’m about to post takes place in 1997, two years prior to Rich’s wedding.

Sorry.  Carry on.

~ by Al on November 30, 2009.

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