the two worst fred stories.

I generally write these blog entries six or seven at a time, on weekends.  Then, each morning, before I get ready for work, I read the entry I had written for that day, edit it a bit, and at some point during the day, I post it.

Initially I thought that I could keep this blog going indefinitely.  There were lots of stories to tell.  In early September, though, I decided that this saga needed to actually end so that I could move on to other things.  So I started accelerating things a bit, which is a trend you’ll start to see over the next few weeks.  Some days I’ll post more than one entry.  I’ll also put a few up on weekends, which is something I’d pretty much stopped doing a few weeks ago.

Today’s entry was supposed to be the second half of our trade show where we launched the big new product line.  There were two Fred stories in today’s post.  I know that a few people have been hanging on the Fred stories, waiting for justice to be meted out.

Just the same, I read through the post that I had initially written for today, and decided to scrap it.

There are times when I’m actually telling stories about this job that I make the statement “I have stories that could curl your hair.”  The entry I had planned for today contained two of them, easily the two worst “Fred stories” that there are.  And when I went back and read them, they were entirely accurate and fairly well-written, as far as those stories go.

They also have nothing whatsoever to do with Dromedary Records.

Along the course of this blog, there were a few things that happened that I initially had written out, then rewrote, and rewrote again, dumbing them down to the point where I didn’t really tell the story, because telling the actual story would have seemed mean-spirited, like 15-year-old sour grapes, irrelevant in the big picture.  This is, unfortunately, one of those entries.

Ultimately, the last two days of the trade show in San Francisco were two of the most horrible days I’ve ever had in my professional life.  Things happened that were almost unbelievable.  When you hear the phrase “You can’t make this stuff up,” understand that very phrase was coined in reference to things like these two days.

But that’s all you really need to know.

For the purposes of this blog, there are three things that are reasonably important:

1) Really bad stuff happened.

2) I was legally bound to address the things that happened.  When I did, I was told that if I didn’t like what happened, I shouldn’t let the door hit me in the ass on the way out.

3) I decided that it was time to officially start looking – really looking – for a new job.

So as quickly as I began receiving copies of industry trade magazines with my name and my interviews on the cover, I had already gotten my resume together and begun the miserable task of searching for a job.  I was reading the articles that contained my interviews, then paging to the back of the publications, scouring the “Help Wanted” sections.

The two worst Fred stories will stay with me.  Catch up with me sometime and I’ll tell you them.

~ by Al on November 21, 2009.

One Response to “the two worst fred stories.”

  1. Can those stories be e-mailed to interested, loyal parties?

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