bishop amstand.

At some point during all this, Ralph had a serious conversation with me.

It was a phone conversation, and it started like every phone conversation between Ralph and me – the Yankees, how’s Sandy, have you heard this new band.  And then it got serious.

“Bishop joined AmStand,” he said.

“What?”  American Standard, as far as I knew, had a bass player – Scott Billbrey, a nice guy who had been with the band since they started, as I understood it.

“Scott left the band,” he explained.  “They came to Bishop and asked him if he’d be interested, since he knew all the songs already and since he fuckin’ rocks at bass.”

“And he said yes?!” I asked, incredulous.

Footstone had been together since they were infants, it seemed.  I have, somewhere, a videotape of Footstone from when they were called Stickman.  Stickman got its start playing covers at parties, and eventually started recording original music.  They changed their name to Footstone right before I met them, mostly because Stickman was not an original name.

The videotape I have of Stickman shows them hamming it up, to a soundtrack of very early Footstone music.  And Mark – Bishop – and the other guys look like little boys.

And now I’m hearing from Ralph that he’s joining another band.

“What happens to Footstone?” I asked.

“Oh, nothing,” Ralph explained.  “He said he would only do it if Footstone got to remain his number one priority, band-wise.  He wouldn’t have taken the gig otherwise.  Any time there’s a conflict, Footstone prevails.”

It was tough for me to believe that at the time.  American Standard were a better-known band than Footstone, and with a relatively new record out, I figured it would only be a matter of time before they went on tour somewhere, leaving Footstone without a bass player.

I was, of course, wrong.  But at the time, it freaked me out.

~ by Al on November 7, 2009.

One Response to “bishop amstand.”

  1. First… if you have a copy of the “basement tape”, I wanna see it.
    Is “Amtrak Worker” on that? I think Ralph and Dave were under-age when that was made.

    Second… being asked to join American Standard just seemed so natural. It was pretty automatic, and I can’t remember ever having to place one band before the other. There were a few “double-dipping” nights but both Footstone and American Standard were, and always will be, family.

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