okay, you tell me.

So yesterday’s entry discussed the outstanding Jenifer Convertible roughs that Jim sent me.  In that entry, I mentioned the song “She’s Used To It,” (which is encoded as “Used To It” on the CD, and which Jim referred to as being called “She Walks With Fear”). The initial version was a bit more raw but also much more melodic. The version on the new Jenifer recording had completely new music behind the same lyrics.

Jim had the idea of posting both versions of the song.

So tell me which one you like better.

This is the original recording, done at some point early in Jenifer Convertible’s career. It’s a much more melodic version, and Jim’s vocal is very raw and earnest.

This is the “new” recording done by Wharton Tiers at his Fun City Studios, for the Dromedary release scheduled for late 1996. Much heavier, pounding rhythm, with a much angrier vocal.

I can tell you that I like Andy’s drumming better in the original version than Eddie’s drumming in the second. Aside from that, I like the second better.

Which one do you like?

~ by Al on October 28, 2009.

One Response to “okay, you tell me.”

  1. While both are snazzy, the second gets the nod from me. More explosive and crisp.

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