casualties of overplay and abuse.

In my entry casualties of exploration and growth I describe the self-released cuppa joe cassette of the same name.  In that same entry, I posted five tracks from that cassette.

The cassette, over the years, has been played hundreds and hundreds of times, and has taken a real beating.  You can hear it in the music.

Steve from cuppa joe was nice enough to send me beautiful, crisp, digital copies of every song on the cassette.  Initially I thought I’d just replace the bad-sounding versions on the original entry, but I changed my mind: I don’t want to detract from the beautiful analog, low-fi warmth of those songs as I posted them last month.  🙂

Instead, I’m going to re-post the fresh copies of those songs right here.

So, here’s the incredible twee song “trade.” I dare you to listen to it and not hum it for the rest of the day.

This is “flicker” – which I found out later featured strings performed by one of doug’s high school students.

And this is “simple enough,” the track with the mandolin that reminded me so much of The Feelies and contained what I thought was the quintessential cuppa joe lyric: “sometimes i think you’re talking inside of parentheses.”

This is “taniqua,” the short, aggressive pop song that I loved so much:

And lastly, this is “archipellago,” the song that was released on 7″ by a small, midwestern label that I think was called drive-in records.

Just a few nice gifts from Steve that I’m passing along to you this lovely fall day.

~ by Al on October 12, 2009.

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