the top 20 entries on this blog.

We’ve got some increased traffic to the blog again, and whenever I see that I try and list out the entries that have gotten the most traffic.  We’re up near 300 entries now, each one 1,500 words or so, and although I’d love to think this story is so great that everyone is hanging on every word, and has read all the way from the beginning, I know how silly that is.

So here are the top 20 posts in terms of traffic, along with brief descriptions and links to each.  Enjoy.

1) bacon, tacos, and ralph – the guys from Footstone and American Standard form a joke band called Wop Taco – meant to be a joke at the expense of local music reviewers – and proceed to win a local Battle of the Bands.

2) casualties of exploration and growth – cuppa joe record a tremendous new batch of songs, and “self-release” it, to my chagrin.

3) what was dromedary records? – because nobody who reads this blog has ever heard of us, so they visit this page.

4) my claim to fame – I give 70,000 seven-inch adapters to a bunch of indie labels.  You’re welcome.

5) jenifer – an introduction to the magic of Jenifer Convertible.

6) the next package – from way back at the beginning; I receive a demo tape from a band called Footstone.

7) spammy jammy – Footstone plays at the beach.  And loses a guitar player.  And maybe it was Our American Cousins, maybe it was Bricks, but I still think it was Spent.

8) why now? – Why the hell did I start writing this blog?

9) the curious mystery of jettison charlie – we get a demo we love.  We never call the band.  Neither the band, nor I, know why.

10) the dromedary facebook page – this is really just a link.  Become a fan.

11) lollapalooza 1993 – a fat barbarian gnaws on a turkey leg and I never eat meat off a bone again.  Sadly, though, this one ranks high because people actually search Google for which bands played Lollapalooza in 1993.

12) a better quality of demo – we start to get better demo tapes.  I’m glad this one is in the top 20 because it has a Paula Carino song in it.

13) reminiscing – ads, letters, and other coolness from 1993 – including our SPIN magazine accolade.

14) lippy – Footstone’s Lippy CD finally comes out.

15) big, bouncing tits – Kramer wants to record cuppa joe.  But this entry ranks high because it comes up when people search Google for “big, bouncing tits.”

16) slime queen – Blenderette!

17) it is to laugh – no matter how hard we try, we can’t get our record artwork to come out the way it was meant to.

18) the idea behind the blog – I love your comments.

19) gas money – I will never live this entry down.

20) drink. that. boh. – Footstone invents their own language.

~ by Al on October 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “the top 20 entries on this blog.”

  1. Funny what happened to #8 – 8 + ) = 8)

    Casualties must overtake Wop Taco to become the #1 entry!

  2. No stuffing the ballots, Spatucci.

  3. […] I’d suggest starting at the beginning (in January) if you have, like, lots of time to kill, or perhaps checking out the Cliffs Notes version, which is a list of the top 20 entries on the blog, here. […]

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