By this point, Footstone were the greatest fucking band in the world, by the way.

I really felt that way.  They didn’t have that propulsive, out-of-tune, careless and sloppy sound that indie rock bands like Pavement and Silkworm had in the mid-90s (a sound I absolutely loved, and still do to this day).  They didn’t have the clean-toned, clever and witty pop of the Mommyheads, or the bubblegummy power pop sound of bands like Poole or Small Factory.  They didn’t have the aggressive, straightforward punk approach of some of the other Jersey punk bands like Flatus or the Wretched Ones.  What they did have was tiny bits of all those things, plus an unbelievable tightness, with powerful twin-rhythm guitars pummeling you from every angle, an unbelievably talented rhythm section driving each song forward, and an incredible vocalist who had an uncanny sense for hooks and melody.  

They were certainly punk, and absolutely pop, yet they packaged it up in a way that was incredibly accessible.  Almost everybody I knew liked them.

Patrick from Carrot Top Records, home of the Coctails and Flowchart, among others, was one of the people who didn’t like Footstone much, but when I sent him Lippy, he said “Wow – ‘Superworld’ is the best Superchunk song I’ve ever heard.”

So I thought at this point I should play you some more music from Lippy.  

This is “Mad-G,” the song about their buddy rubbing one out in the ladies’ room of a strip club.  The song is like a runaway train, getting faster and faster as it goes (unintentionally, I think – it was one of the songs where they were unhappy with the drums, but I love it), punctuated by this guitar crunch that just kills me every time I hear it.

And the final recording of “Watermelon,” a rehearsal version of which I posted in an earlier entry.

Lastly, here’s “Superworld.”  I still don’t know what the hell “Superworld” is.

~ by Al on August 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “pride.”

  1. Did you know that Mad-G lives in Hackettstown. That’s near you, right? You guys should meet up and discuss how neon bar sign light plays off the female form. BillyBob teeth are mandatory of course. On a side note, sorry we passed like two Schlitz in the night last weekend. Would have been great to meet up with you.

  2. h-mo

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