top 20 entries.

This blog has nearly 200 entries at this point, and covers the story of Dromedary from its inception in 1992 through the fall of 1994.  

Although there are people who have been following along from the beginning, there are others discovering it for the first time, and 200 entries are a lot to sift through.  As such, I think there’s some value in periodically listing the 20 entries that have received the most traffic, thinking that a good primer for a newbie would be to read those posts that everyone else seems to find the most interesting.

So, then.  Here they are.

1) Bacon, Tacos, and Ralph.  The story of how Footstone and American Standard formed the parody band Wop Taco.

2) My Claim to Fame.  The story of how I provided 70,000 vinyl 7″ adapters to indie labels all over the country for free.

3) Spammy Jammy.  Attending Footstone’s last show with their original guitarist, at an outdoor festival in Fairfield.

4) The Next Package.  Receiving Footstone’s demo tape; probably the event that set the course for Dromedary.

5) What Was Dromedary Records?  A quick bio for the uninitiated.

6) A Better Quality of Demo.  We finally start receiving some decent demo tapes.

7) Reminiscing.  Images and stories from the end of 1993.

8) The Dromedary Records Facebook Page.  The Impostor Dromedary beat us to MySpace, but we were first with Facebook.

9) Why Now?  A partial explanation of why I waited 15 years to tell the story of Dromedary.

10) Drink.  That.  Boh.  The language of Footstone.

11) Lollapalooza 1993.  Nothing meaningful here; this entry ranks high because lots of people Google “Lollapalooza 1993.”

12) Dayjob Madness.  I fight with my boss.  Constantly.

13) The Idea Behind The Blog.  In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream.

14) Indier Than You.  Rich’s fanzine takes off.

15) Nothing Smells Quite Like Rock Journalism. Godspeed signs with Atlantic.

16) Way To Go.  We decide to make the move from releasing 7″s to releasing CDs.

17) Big, Bouncing Tits.  Because lots of people search Google for, umm, big, bouncing tits.

18) And So It Begins.  Or Ends.  I make a career change.  Which sets up the eventual end of Dromedary.

19) The Ground Rules.  Where I warn people how to treat this blog.

20) Chronology.  Where I yammer on incoherently about how I can remember all this stuff.

Just thought that would be helpful to some of you newbies.

~ by Al on June 22, 2009.

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