dots will dubo II

A couple of weeks ago I referred to a cassette tape we got from Dots Will Echo that was entitled “Dots Will Dubo.” It essentially consisted of 45 minutes of great unreleased pop songs from the band, which resulted in our agreeing to put out their music at the band’s expense.

I feel like that entry didn’t do the story justice, mostly because it didn’t contain any music. The above song wasn’t actually on that “Dubo” tape, but was sort of a cool jammy thing that Nick had sent me a few weeks later.

But there was great pop on that original tape. Not good, but great.

That’s “Foolin’ Around,” the first song on the cassette. It was very representative of the band we knew – slightly edgy, a little goofy, kind of humorous, and deeply rooted in power pop. It was brilliant pop, not “indie” but something that I thought would be a nice extension to the Mommyheads CD, in terms of pure pop.

Deeper into the tape we found the band trying some different things, using some odd instrumentation, like on this song, “Normal Life.”

Nick had a friend with a studio, which enabled him to spend a lot of time recording and experimenting. The recordings were very crisp (you can’t really tell with these cassette dubs – they’ve been played a million times, they’re fifteen years old, and I don’t really have great cassette playback equipment anymore – but hopefully you can get the point). Nick presented all his songs in an upbeat way; even with his self-deprecating humor, he was the lovable loser and the band was always a solid, aggressive backup.

All those songs were fine. Fun, pop. But it was this one that won me over. “Tear These Buildings Down” had a stunningly beautiful melody that slowly gave way to a nice, straightforward hook. Then, the song closed with one of the most beautiful guitar passages that I’d heard in a pop song, repeating that passage over and over as the song drew to a close.

Just fantastic, really.

One night I found myself sitting in the dark in the Dromedary office, Sandy asleep in the next room, with only the glow of the computer monitor lighting the room. I had on headphones, and I sat on the floor alongside the stereo, listening to this song – over and over.

Hopefully this entry does a little more justice to what I felt about the band at the time.

~ by Al on June 8, 2009.

One Response to “dots will dubo II”

  1. Listening to Dots Will Echo always makes me happy. It’s been forever since I heard “Tear These Buildings Down.” Great song.

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