addendum. or, umm, correction. or corrections.

On this entry about Dots Will Echo, Sandy pointed out a couple of things that I missed.

First, she says that Rich and Lissette were not with us.  And considering the second part I got wrong, she’s definitely right.

Second, she pointed out that this was the night that I almost got into a fight with a guy at the bar.

He approached me and told me that I had an “exotic-looking woman.”

Then, he told me that she had a “wandering eye.”

I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about, but I did know that what he was saying to me was the type of shit that should provoke a fight.  I don’t remember how I weaseled out of that, but somehow I did, I’m sure in a fairly chickenshit sort of way.


She also pointed out that when she owned a Yanni album, Yanni was not the Yanni that we know today.  And she made a point of telling me that she could make a comment in one of my entries that just recently she came into my office and I had Loverboy playing.

So, umm, yeah.  Maybe I should have left out that Yanni part.

~ by Al on April 11, 2009.

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