the top 20 posts on this blog.

There’s some new faces visiting the blog lately, and it seems like some people have clued in to the fact that I’m verbose as hell, and spend 1,500 words a night telling a story that basically amounts to “I ran a record label, it went out of business, it was mostly fun but sometimes not.”

So I thought I’d list out the entries that have gotten the most views, so far.

1) Bacon, Tacos, and Ralph.  The absolutely hysterical story of Wop Taco, which has gotten twice as many views as any other post on this blog.

2) Spammy Jammy.  The Fairfield, CT beach concert featuring Footstone, American Standard, and another band that none of us can seem to agree on.  I think it was Spent.  I’m the only one who thinks that, though.

3) The Next Package.  We get a demo tape from a band called Footstone.

4) Reminiscing.  Photos and scans of cool stuff we got in 1993.

5) A Better Quality of Demo.  We start getting better demo tapes.  Including the Jungle Creeps, AND Kenny Young, both of whom I reconnected with as a result of this post.  And I’m so happy for that, especially Paula.

6) Drink. That. Boh.  An explanation of the language of Footstone.  The kids seem to like the Footstone stories.

7) What Was Dromedary Records?  An explanation of, umm. what Dromedary Records was.  Or is.  I don’t know.

8) The Idea Behind the Blog.  Me, encouraging you to leave comments.  Because that’s what makes it a blog.

9) Dayjob Madness.  My new dayjob was insane.

10) Why Now?  Why I waited ten years to write this story.

11) And So It Begins. Or Ends. I get a new job, take stuff from work, and goof off on the company time.

12) Indier Than You.  Indier Than Thou! begins to get some recognition, and copious free shit.

13) Chronology. My rambling stab at an explanation of how I remember all this stuff and how I actually do the writing.  This entry makes absolutely no sense.

14) Nothing Smells Quite Like Rock Journalism   Godspeed gets signed to Atlantic.

15) Lollapalooza 1993.  The story of our miserable experience at the 1993 Lollapalooza. This one ranks so high because so many people Google “Lollapalooza 1993 lineup.”  Which is exactly how I got the list of the shitty bands that played that show.

16) Way To Go.  The most recent post on this list, about being solicited by a CD replicator.  This post got hammered by one of those weird blog bot thingies, hence the high ranking.

17) The Dromedary Facebook Page.  Information about, and a link to, our FB page.  Become a fan!

18) Gimme Inkie Rock.  Press reviews for the Footstone Wobbles From Side To Side seven-inch.

19) Couple-A-Jokers.  The story of the cuppa joe/Melting Hopefuls release party.

20) We Don’t Like You Anymore. Ray sends me a cassette tape that has really good Ditch Croaker music on one side, and really bad Footstone music on the other.  Awkwardness ensues.

~ by Al on April 7, 2009.

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