how cool is this?

So, Tommy from Godspeed stumbled onto the blog tonight.

I have a post queued up for tonight about the second issue of Indier Than Thou!. Tomorrow’s post, which is also written, is about the release of Godspeed’s Ride album, the T-shirt I sent Tommy, and the nice letter he sent me back (which I still have).

Aside from exchanging a few letters, the only time I ever met Tommy was the night he smashed a bottle over his own head.

Part of the reason I was late getting home tonight was because I was online, searching for a video of Godspeed’s “Houston Street” that I could embed into Sunday’s entry.

And from out of nowhere, here comes Tommy.

That’s pretty fuckin’ coincidental, and so I wanted to give a shout out to Tommy’s blog, which seems like a really cool blog for vinyl junkies and record collectors. Visit it here.

~ by Al on March 27, 2009.

One Response to “how cool is this?”

  1. very very cool!

    man, thanks for bringing back some old school memories!

    broken bottles and all! man, we were crazy back then huh?

    still are i guess!?!? and thanks for the blog shout!

    here is what i am doing musically:

    i still do wear the shirt but it seems to have shrunk over the years a wee bit!


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