no post today.

Yep.  I decided to get drunk and watch college hoops instead.  I’ve got a post about “The Tape” ready to go, but I need to edit it and upload the music.  Tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ll be self-serving today.

I’d like to help get this blog a bigger audience.  You can help me do this by telling everyone you know about it.  Email it to friends.  Post about it on the net.  Tell people about this story, if you enjoy it.  Post it on your Facebook page.  

You can also help promote the site by submitting these stories to places like Digg, or by finding the entries on Digg and giving them a vote.  Or telling people about them.  I think the story is a good one (which is why I’m writing it in the first place), and it would be great to get some more support.

You can also become a friend of Dromedary on Facebook.  Going to our Facebook page will give you more pictures and music than you’ve seen/heard here on this blog at this stage – here, I’m telling the story chronologically, and there, I’ve uploaded stuff that we haven’t talked about here yet.  If you want a sneak peak, visit the Facebook page.

You can also visit the folks at the Arizona Dromedary Records and help me explain to them why it sucks that I’m going to have to get a lawyer involved because they will not turn over the domain name that they agreed to turn over in 2007.  Despite the fact that I was kind enough to agree to let them use my company name to promote their record in the spring of 2007, even though the name was mine and they never bothered to check and see if it was used before, they went ahead and named their label Dromedary.  After I alerted them to the fact that I exist, they asked if it would be okay for them to use the name for a while, to promote their debut record.  Since I would never screw another indie, I said okay.  Two years later, after having virtually ZERO activity on the web for two years, they’ve updated their page, renewed the domain, said “Gee, I don’t remember ever agreeing to turn the domain over to you,” and linked to this blog as the “dromedary from the 90s.”

So since I didn’t hire a lawyer to defend my own company name two years ago, because I wanted to be cool and support these guys, now I have to hire one today to get back the domain that they’re squatting on.  Even though they’ve had ZERO activity on the internet since 2007.  Way to go, guys.

Some other stuff:

Visit Stuyvesant online.  Stuyvesant is a band from Jersey that has a singer that sounds remarkably like Ralph from Footstone.

You can also visit Paula Carino online.  Paula is a friend and an excellent singer/songwriter who I reconnected with as a result of this blog.

My friend Ron, who used to run Surefire Distributors, now owns a label called Spirit of Orr.  He’s released some great stuff, including music from Moviola (who you’ll learn more about later).

The Mommyheads have reunited and released an album.  Their website is down, but when it comes up you’ll find it here, or on iTunes.

I will be uploading a nice selection of songs from The Tape in the next blog entry, so you’ll have some cool stuff to listen to.  Then, some fireworks.

Thanks for your patience.


~ by Al on March 20, 2009.

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