“How can you remember all this stuff?”

I’ve been getting a lot of that lately.

I saved reams of paperwork, files, invoices, bills, receipts, letters, emails, notes, notebooks, demo tapes, and all sorts of other crap. I have three file boxes full of paper stuff, another box filled with demo tapes, a box of zines, and a variety of other stuff stored in various places.  I kept notebooks and dated a lot of things, and also have a lot of computer files with notes and minutes and such.  When I decided to do this blog, I pulled out all that stuff and put it in chronological order. Then I started writing in a notebook, dividing it up by parts of each year – January thru March of 1992, April through June, July through September, etc. Then I wrote notes on each page about what happened during that time period.  When I get to a wall, and can’t remember something, I’ve been tracking down the relevant people and asking them for their own recollections, in hopes of clarifying things and getting facts straight as best as possible.  

Once I’ve got that pulled together, I took a three month span at a time, and put everything in order on a list. Then, each Sunday I go into WordPress, and make a list of “upcoming” entries, numbering them chronologically. And each weekend, I write at least seven posts, to cover at least the next week of planned entries. I flesh out the posts, add in any relevant scans or music files, and save them as drafts.

Then each morning, or the night before, I preview the post, edit it one last time, and publish it.

This means that if you’re reading a post on Wednesday, it was written on the prior Saturday or Sunday, and laid out in a timeline two weeks prior – sometimes even earlier, depending on how ambitious I am. Of the 90 or so posts that I’ve put up since I started this blog, only a handful of them have been written THAT day – most were written a week in advance.

When it comes to the basic chronology of everything, it’s been pretty easy so far. However, the second half of 1993 saw a LOT of things happen in a very short period of time. It was a huge growth period for the label, and a lot of things happened very quickly. We were moving fast and furious.

For this blog, I’ve had to balance the chronology of things with my desire to tell a decent story. As such, I’ve had to change things around a little, so that everything would read a little better. The facts of the story are presented as I remember them, and as my notes and files support them, but I’ve taken a few creative liberties with the chronology.

For example, Footstone recorded at Ray’s studio in August of 1993. But the Melting Hopefuls 7″ came out in October of that same year. If you read this blog day-by-day, it seems like the Hopefuls 7″ was done before Footstone went into the studio. That’s not quite the case.

Since things happened so fast and furious during this time, I’m shifting things around a bit, just so that everything makes a little more sense.

In a couple of posts, I’m going to tell a story about Melting Hopefuls’ studio experience at Noise New Jersey. Chronologically, it doesn’t fit with the story. It actually happened in the late summer of 1993, before their 7″ had been manufactured. However, I felt like I needed to fill in some blanks first, in order for everything to make sense. The same has been the case for both Footstone and cuppa joe – in trying to keep the story organized, I’ve moved some things around in terms of the timeline.

So if you were to ask me where we stood in the story at this point, time-wise, I would say that we’re bouncing around between August and early October of 1993.

Probably for the next two weeks’ worth of posts or so, the timeline of the story will be in a bit of a flux.

The record release party for the Melting Hopefuls and cuppa joe seven-inches was on October 22 of 1993. Once we get to that point, things calm down a bit in the story, and I’ll be able to rein in the chronology a bit.

There are a variety of other times during the evolution of the label where things were equally fast and furious.  While I’ll try and stay true to the timeline of the story, there may be times when I have to skip around a bit, just so that everything makes sense.

~ by Al on March 1, 2009.

7 Responses to “chronology.”

  1. It all made sense until I read this post.

  2. Basically my way of saying that so much shit happened between August of 1993 and February of 1994 that my records suck, and the timeline of some of my posts are going to be out of order as a result.

  3. Time travel isn’t working on “Lost” either.

  4. I’m trying.

  5. Future Mark just told me that it will all makes sense soon. Socrates enjoyed Wii bowling and drank my last Surly Bender.

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