git to the choppa.

It’s really cool to be rekindling with people through this blog.  Kenny Young popped in (and is still making music).  Paula Carino, too.  All the guys from Footstone have been here, and a bunch of others.

That’s awesome.

It’s also a little weird, because not every part of the story presents everything in the most positive light.  Like everything, we had ups and downs.

So I guess it’s important to note that this story is fifteen years old.  It’s being told from my perspective, and it chronicles a tiny company that had ups and downs during an eight-or-so year stretch.  The things I’m posting here are opinions and recollections, and they’re fifteen-year-old opinions and recollections at that.  These are not stories about things that happened yesterday, unlike a lot of blogs.  They happened a long time ago.  A lot of water has passed under a lot of bridges.

That’s all.  Thanks for shopping.  See you again tomorrow, when we finally get a new record in.

~ by Al on February 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “git to the choppa.”

  1. What happened? Did you get served by Milan’s lawyer?

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