the best demo.

Here’s a treat for a Sunday afternoon.

The best demo we received at this point was this one.

Its a band called Supernaut, and the song is called “Hemi Song.” It was given to us by doug from cuppa joe at some point in 1993.

When I got the tape I listened to the whole thing, out of respect for doug. The rest of the tape was fair, but this song was fantastic. Blew my mind. The opening lyric, “Saw you in the comic store,” was just such a cool lyric, and the vocal harmonies were also awesome. I just loved everything about the song.

Unfortunately the rest of the music on the demo wasn’t as good, so I was unsure of what this band was all about. I reached out to them once but don’t recall ever actually speaking with them. I started thinking at this point that another compilation might be a good idea – so many bands seemed to have one good song.

“Hemi Song” wound up on a lot of mix tapes over the years. I still love the song today.

~ by Al on February 8, 2009.

One Response to “the best demo.”

  1. Holy frickin’ crap – I gave this one to Doug to give to you – I’d met two of the Supernaut guys through another friend, and I loved this song! I don’t even have a copy – I couldn’t even remember the band’s name, and I’ve been thinking about it for more than a decade now. Thanks for putting it up here.

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