metal up your nose.


I deleted a post that sat in this space, because it seemed meaner-spirited than it was intended to be.  It wasn’t intended to be mean-spirited at all.

It talked about how we met Eternal Vision and ultimately they were kind enough to contribute a track to our compilation album.

I do want to be clear about a few things:

1) By the time Dromedary was at this stage in its development, we were most definitely NOT going to be a metal label.  We were moving in a decidedly indie rock and punk direction.  However, at this point we knew very few bands in the area, and were hoping that a local bands compilation would help us meet people and get a jumpstart in the scene.

2) Eternal Vision were, at the time, TREMENDOUSLY popular.  The biggest band in the area, no question.  And they hooked us up with Planet Dread, and were willing to be on our compilation without having any idea who we were.

3) They were also – and still are – absolutely tremendously talented musicians, from a technical standpoint.  Their drummer, in particular, was (and is) able to have this tremendous blend of technical proficiency and SOUL, a characteristic that I find to be rare among rock drummers.

4) At the same time, I was gravitating further and further away from metal – not necessarily due to the music itself, but due to the scene that surrounded it.  While punk and indie rock were very straightforward, jeans and t-shirt, no image music (at the time), metal was VERY image oriented.

Anyway, a few people have reached out to me and commented on the way I characterized the band in the post that used to be here.  When I wrote the post, I intended to get across that the band was immensely talented, but part of a scene in which we were completely out of place.  THEN, the post explained how when I met the band, they didn’t know any of the other bands we were working with – something that would have been impossible, since they were not part of the alt-rock circuit.  And then my post intended to tell the story of how we were beginning to deal with more established bands with strong followings, and we were not prepared to deal with the baggage that went with that.

In hindsight, the post read a little snotty.

My intention with this blog has not been to slag anybody but myself – my writing is about as self-deprecating as you’ll find.  When I went back and re-read the entry that used to sit here, I realized that it came off as a little less self-deprecating as I’d have liked it to be.

That’s all.

~ by Al on January 15, 2009.

16 Responses to “metal up your nose.”

  1. Man, I enjoyed your review, I disagree Eternal vision got a raw deal they were revolutionaries in music. Way more real than any metal blade artist except Fates Warning!! I like you writting you are honest. Did you know the bass player and lead singer are now Buddha Brains???

  2. Glad to hear they’re still making music. Remember, what you’re reading here is 15-year-old opinions about things that were happening 15 years ago.

    There’s no doubt they were outstanding musicians, and the guys I met were super nice. It’s just really not my kind of music.

    • Word, I truly appreciate your honesty, Its raw and cutting edge even if it was fifteen years old, It was all supposed to happen and be said. You dont have that copy of Earthbone any more do you? Also, the singer Jim, Who is now “Jimmy Haze”, dis-owns his own music, like Cat Stevens, minus the muslim influence! I still love that one lyric in Earthbone and I am sure that is why Dee Dee insisted you put it there. “Television Mindfucks Got The Brains Of a Horror”, that was a wake up call for all musical forms just like, the first video on MTV “Video Killed The Radio Star”, thanks for writting back! bIf you still have that copy of earthbone I would love a copy of it. Sat up keep writting. Also I now am managing a band in NM, I would appreciate your opinion about them? They are called The Strange!

  3. Wow, I didnt mean to take it the wrong way. Yet I truly appreciate the props and honesty you have. You are awesome!!!!1

    Love and Light B

  4. holy shit. this internet thing is pretty cool.I’m glad to see we are remembered in a good light. I still have a few copies of “Last Century Shock”, which was recorded live on cold December night at CBGB’s. If you or anyone is interested, I have a very happening new band called GHOST & THE BIG SKY…and we have the myspace site as well as . We don’t fuck around…As serious as EV was…and it’s taken me this long to find solid partners…Check it out, have a listen and throw us an email. Ghost & the Big Sky are on iTunes and several others, and we have the ten songs CD available thru our site as well. We’ve had over 10,000 spins on and we got fans from all over the planet,which is this crazy internet thing working for us again…
    Patrick Bitbol

  5. Patrick, yo whats up it’s Bryan yea this internet thing is funny. if you only new the story. How are you?

  6. hey Bryan V.- Good to hear from ya! I hope all is well with you and the family. This internet thing is amazing…I’ve found people and vice-versa, and I don’t even have a facebook page. I shoulda found this page earlier- I woulda loved to have read the “off color” comments that you deemed “snotty”…I got a ton of crazy stories to let you in on; I don’t wanna take up too much space here. email me. talk to ya soon.

  7. Hey Patrick:

    Al here, from Dromedary – glad you found the blog, hope you’re doing well. This is my blog, not Bryan’s, and whatever you read in this blog is mine unless someone else’s name is written under it.

    I think if you read the original post above, you get a pretty good idea of what was originally here. This blog is the story of our tiny record label, not of any of the individual bands on it, and what I tried to do here was tell the story of what I was doing and thinking fifteen years ago.

    When we were first starting Dromedary we still had some metal left in us, but we were mostly fans of indie rock and punk. The whole vibe of Eternal Vision was different from what we were all about. The entry above was, and is, about the day that we met to discuss our “Nothing Smells Quite Like Elizabeth” compilation.

    We met with your manager at one of your shows. Where most of the shows we went to were raw, stripped down and basic, EV shows were pretty overblown – big set, candles everywhere, incense burning, drum solo, very “big rock.” I wrote about that in the post.

    Mostly, the original post made fun of myself and how out of place I was – like most of the rest of this blog. But when I went back and re-read it, I thought it was also a bit snotty toward the whole metal vibe in general, and toward EV as well. It wasn’t intended to be, so after I re-read it, I went back and deleted it and replaced it with what you read here. What you read here tells the story just as well.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re still making music and doing well (and recovered from whatever bike accident is referred to on your band’s page, which sounds nasty).

  8. Patrick, you probabbly dont even know what Bryan this is, Its Bryan J from way back, remember Dave and the farm. Black Bryan from Trenton,get me your email and I will send you some pics if you dont remember. Also there is an EV reunion page on facebook.

  9. Hey Al- Forgive my bad memory – I do remember meeting you at The Cricket Club way back when and speaking to you about being on the comp. CD. It was very cool ending up on your compilation of NJ artists; you put alotta time energy and effort into “…Elizabeth”. It may have seemed to many that we were “tremendously popular..” but in truth, we were a band that made each gig a real show. I don’t want to see 4 or 5 people on a stage playing music, who look like they just left the office- unless their performance was so incredible, so spectacular, that it didn’t matter to me what they looked like. (Hasn’t happened yet) Jane’s Addiction back in the day was a huge influence on me; they were what a true rock band should be: songs, a sound, a vibe, the words, the stage, the artwork. That’s what set us apart; other bands would not consider the show quality of it all.
    It seems even worse today, coz the “original” scene is not very exciting . There are no amazing guitarists, or guitar sounds. Music that should be heard thru a cranking stereo is now listened to thru tiny headphone sets. Trying to make a living playing music seems a more unattainable goal in 2010 than 1990. (But I keep on pushing…)

  10. The guitar player and the drummer seemed cool but the singer was way pretentious and the bass player had his head shoved up his own ass.

    Funny part is Planet Dread were a thousand times worse when it came to being arrogant and pretentious.

    And now I remember why I loved the indie rock scene so much…


    • ..funny you should say that…there’s alotta dirt involved with the way EV came to sudden screeching halt, and it broke my heart , like fredo did to michael. it was really a fucking shock to me . Planet Dread were talented & stand up guys…just another buncha of long-haired stoners-

  11. I never met the guys in Planet Dread, but their management was fantastic to deal with. I also only met EV’s singer and bassist briefly, but would agree with your assessment about the coolness of Patrick and Joe.

  12. You, People, Neeed I remind you these attitudes are called Rock and Roll, been happenein for years. All I focus onis how amazing the character and sound of the music is and the vo;umes of freedom of speach and artistic expression it represents. These boys definately stand for the revolotution and preservation of free thoght and talented musicians. It takes a lot to do what they did. Stood for something and fell for nothing!!

  13. Oh poor April,

    Since when did arrogance and egomania go hand in hand with rock and roll?

    Must be a Poison fan.

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