rich, part 1

At some point when I was in college, my friend Frank had a party.  Frank was a “home” friend, from back in New Jersey.

For months he had been telling me about his friend Rich, because Rich was weird, Rich was a musician, and Rich’s main goal in life at the time was to overthrow the government.

So Frank had a party and I woke up the next morning underneath a glass coffee table, in my underwear.  Frank was saying “Al.  Wake up.  This is Rich.”

Rich reached down and shook my hand and said “How’s it going?” without even batting an eye at the circumstances.

We went out to breakfast and talked about music.  We had similar tastes.  We got along great.  He worked in a record store, played the bass, and on the day I met him, had a goal in life of owning a multimedia conglomerate.  I guess the government was no longer big enough for him at that point.

~ by Al on January 5, 2009.

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